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The History of the Southern California
Rose of Tralee

The Southern California Centre is one of over thirty Rose of Tralee Centres located worldwide with the universal goal of promoting the Irish culture among young women and of course, finding that one Rose with…the truth in her eyes ever dawning.

In 1984, the International Rose of Tralee Pageant Organization designated the Irish Fair Foundation, Inc. as the Southern California Rose of Tralee Centre. Since that time, the Foundation has sent a representative to Tralee each year for the past twenty five years.

Each year, the Irish Fair Foundation’s Southern California Rose of Tralee Committee manages and coordinates the Rose Program & Events. The hard work of the dedicated members of the Rose Committee does not go unnoticed. Year after year, they provide a memorable Rose program for the Roses and a lively fun filled St. Patrick’s Day Grand Ball. The Rose Committee also benefits from the encouragement and cooperation of the Irish community of Los Angeles throughout the years.

Aside from the unforgettable Rose Program and St. Patrick’s Day Grand Ball, the Southern California Rose of Tralee’s proudest achievement is the charitable association with the Good Shepherd’s Homeless Shelter for Women and Children of Los Angeles, chosen by the Irish Fair Foundation as the “Rose’s Charity”. Over the years, thousands of countless dollars have been raised through fundraisers and donations to benefit the shelter.

In 2003, a new program was added called “Rosebuds”. This program is designed to introduce little girls to the Rose of Tralee in the hopes that someday they’ll want to return as Rose Debutantes and perhaps be the one to represent Southern California on the international stage.

2008 marked a special occastion in Southern California's history as sixteen former Roses "came home" to celebrate Southern California's 25th Anniversary.

Above all else, the Southern California is most proud of its past, present…and future Roses and Rosebuds.

The Rose of Tralee International Festival
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